to create and manage advertising of all your social media, digital, mobile and programmatic media programs.

The Kurry unified platform enables execution of all campaign program elements from a single easy to use unified platform. Complemented by Kurry's industry leading AI and Machine Learning and we provide results second to none.
Why Kurry?

Fragmentation has led to an overwhelming media landscape.
The current process of running a digital advertising campaign is time consuming and inefficient.

Kurry has your solution

ONE PLATFORM to connect the workflow and data across all major marketing platforms like Google , Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Programmatic etc.

AI DRIVEN OPTIMIZATION: Automatically suggest and/or decide allocation of spend, thereby eliminating WASTED advertising

What's different?

Unified Platform

Create, execute and monitor all ad accounts and campaigns across different digital platforms in one place.

Enhanced bulk action features for account and campaign management - our clients have seen up to a 60% reduction in operational costs.

Consolidated reporting tools. We know you've been waiting for this!

Enhanced Automation

Save upto 40% of current man-hours with our workflow automation and reduce time spent on multiple, repetitive manual interventions.

Automated ad creation - simply upload your creative assets. Sit back and enjoy your curry while our minions (robots) work for you. Don't you like the sound of that?

Powered by Intelligence

Exceed campaign KPIs - our clients have seen a 20-40% uplift in ROAS.

Optimize your campaign across one or more channels to get the best engagement yield optimization. After all, thats what you ultimately want!

Ease of use

Intuitive self-serve UI designed to help the smart digital marketer set up a campaign in minutes.

Automation, automation, automation and wait for it...


One-click Workflows

The platforms intelligence, when needed, will conjure superior intelligence (YOU) to recommend adjustments that help meet and exceed the required KPIs. One click to rule it all!

Sneak Peek